Battambang photos!

Hey all! Just wanted to share a couple shots from last weekend in the beautiful province of Battambang. We went to visit Chris’ family (cousins of cousins of fathers of brothers….) who are all very warm and welcoming and always determined to induce a food coma. Excellent escape from the city!

Young girl washing

Young girl washing clothes on the water front

Waterside   Waterside

Temple Lizzard

Sitting Monk

Friendly monk at Phnom Banan

Smiling Monk

Phnom Banan

Amazing view from the mountaintop of Phnom Banan

The Gang Phnom Benan   IMG_3375Mountain View   IMG_3531

Grandma Buoy

Chris and the sister of his grandmother (on his dad’s side). So cute! Wish that we could speak to each other.

2 Waterbuffalo

This picture cracks me up. The water buffalo in the back really wasn’t unhappy- it may have been sneezing…

Buffalo Buddy

Battambang Traffic

Traffic in Battambang!


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